4 Free Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

March 18, 2023

Making skin smoother in Photoshop takes a lot of steps. But with these plug-ins, you can retouch skin with a few clicks. Here are the top skin actions that you can download absolutely free.

1. SparkleStock Skin

Skin is the most popular skin retouching actions and the free download is better than most paid alternatives. It does a terrific job airbrushing, reducing redness, and improving contrast. They also have a premium version that utilizes artificial intelligence to retouch skin for you automatically.

  • The best skin retouching actions
  • Organized layers and excellent use of smart filters
  • The free version is better than most premium alternatives

2. Tutorial Pulse Frequency Separation Actions

Next up are our own frequency separation actions. It's a no-nonsense action for people who just want a quick and easy way to retouch skin. It works similar to SparkleStock Skin but simpler.

  • Layers are not editable
  • It's free and super simple

3. Skin Smoothing Action

Looking for something smoother? This action will soften the skin and give it a diffused look.

  • Softer, more diffused skin texture
  • Simple one action, one layer, and great use of smart filters

4. PiXimperfect Skin Softening Action

A great action for softening skin. It's almost a copy of SparkleStock skin except that it has popups asking for your input. It also utilizes some luminosity masking to hide it from the dark and light areas.

  • Organized layers and excellent use of smart filters
  • Default settings do not work on all skin types and in the shadows (i.e. under the chin). To fix, right-click on the layer group and click "Clear Layer Style".

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