10 Best Photoshop Actions to Power Up Photoshop

June 12, 2024

Photoshop actions allow you to create incredible effects in a few clicks. They take automate hard work out requiring very little input from you. Today, we've collected the 10 best Photoshop actions for you to check out.

3D Map Generator Photoshop Actions

By far the coolest Photoshop actions out there. 3D Map Generator lets you build incredible maps that look like they're made with 3D software, but aren't. These actions are so popular that we've seen them used by big media agencies.

The other great thing about the sheer amount of graphics and icons that are compatible with the maps. Yes, you do have to buy them separately but at least they're available if you need them.

AI Skin Photoshop Actions

The best skin retouching Photoshop actions is AI Skin. They are the easiest actions to use that also produce the most pleasing results. You can, literally, retouch skin without painting over the skin. It uses AI and face-detection to retouch skin in one-click.

As easy as it is to use, it's also suitable for professionals. It produces a very natural appearance and the settings are fully-editable and nondestructive.

There are many skin actions, but AI skin is by far the best.

AI Architecture Sketches Photoshop Actions

These actions are from the same author as AI Skin and they're the best architecture sketch actions out there. You simply paint over the building, play the action, and pick from 10 effects.

Most architecture actions only generate one effect and take about 5-10 minutes to process. AI Architecture Sketches renders in just a minute or two. It also generates 10 different styles eliminating the to buy multiple products.

We also like how easy it is to use to get good results. With other sketch actions, you need to paint over the building precisely (5 min task). AI Architecture Sketches only requires a quick rough mask (20 sec task). Artificial intelligence does the rest of the work for you.

Sandstorm Photoshop Actions

With over 30k sales, this is one of the most popular Photoshop actions out there. It lets you create a striking sandstorm effect in just a few clicks. It did take a long time for the actions to render, but the results are well worth the wait.

There are many knockoffs of this, but the one you should be getting is from SevenStyles. SevenStyles also creates tons of other awesome Photoshop actions that are worth checking out.

And if you want the animated version of this effect, get Sandstorm Motion Kit for Adobe After Effects. It's the same effect but animated.

Important: Sandstorm is only compatible with the English version of Photoshop.

Newspaper Art Photoshop Actions

There are a ton of effects you can create with Photoshop and this newspaper art action is one of the more unique products we've seen. It turns your photo into an abstract composition made from letters and newspaper text.

Important: Newspaper Art is only compatible with the English version of Photoshop.

Animated Glitch Photoshop Actions

The coolest glitch Photoshop actions we've seen! With these actions, you can create a cool animated glitch effect all inside Photoshop. Yes, you read that right, no After Effects, just Photoshop. Photoshop has a built-in video editor, although basic, it does the job fine for this effect.

Important: Animated Glitch is only compatible with the English version of Photoshop.

Isometric Mockup Photoshop Actions

Isometric mockups are ideal for UI/UX designers to showcase their designs. These isometric mockup Photoshop actions are one of the easiest to use. It's available as actions or a plugin/panel. The panel is easier to use but we recommend using Photoshop actions because they have fewer installation issues.

Wall of Lights Photoshop Actions

These Photoshop actions completely transform your photos with a luminous wall of light. After painting over your subject (5 min task), the action will do everything for you. There are a few of these actions but this one by BlackNull is our favorite because it generates a variety of different displays with one action.

Toy Bricks Photoshop Actions

These fun Photoshop actions transform your cliparts into something that looks like it's made from Lego/toy bricks. It's great for both small and large images and there's 3 depth styles to pick from.

Another alternative to this is these Brick Mosaic Photoshop Actions. It doesn't generate 3D depth but offers both 1x1 and 2x2 bricks and official Lego colors mode.

Comic Book Photoshop Actions

These Photoshop actions let you create fun comic book effects in just a few clicks. You'll need to paint over your subject but once that's done it'll generate a comic book effect for you. The background is editable and it comes with 27 speech bubbles, sound effect graphics, and other comic elements.

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  1. If you need (or want) the best, then at ten bucks a month, Photoshop is most certainly worth it. While it's used by a lot of amateurs, it's undoubtedly a professional program. ... While other imaging apps have some of Photoshop's features, none of them are the complete package.

  2. Thanks for sharing! It'd be nice to know which one of these are on Envato Elements so I don't have to look up each one.

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