Create a Grungy 3D Text Poster in Photoshop

February 25, 2024

Step 13

Create a new layer and name it “Brush”. Position it above the Background layer.

Step 14

Select the Brush tool then right-click anywhere in your image. Click on the flyout menu (top-right of the brush settings) then click Load brushes. Browse for the Kinetic Photoshop brushes then click OK.

Once you’ve loaded your Photoshop brushes, you’ll see them at the bottom of your list. Pick this brush here:

Increase the size of your brush so that you can draw a line behind the text like this. For my font, I set my brush size to 2000px.

Step 16

Hold on! There’s something wrong and if you’re a Photoshop expert you’d probably spot it. While we did create the brush background, it’s very repetitive and any Photoshop guru would be able to spot this. Go to Edit > Undo to undo what you just did. I’ll show you how to easily fix this in the next step.

Step 17

To get rid of the pattern notoriously known as the “clone-stamp pattern”, we’re going to add some random rotation to the brush – so that when you paint the line, Photoshop will rotate the brush to give it a random appearance. Here’s how to do this:

Go to Window > Brush. Make sure you have the Brush tool selected then checkmark the “Shape Dynamics” setting. Now, set the “Angle Jitter” to 100%.

Now paint the line again. Those clone-stamp patterns are now gone.

Step 18

Now we’re going to add the paper texture. Select the top layer then go to File > Place. Pick the “Wrinkled Brown Paper (11).jpg” file then click OK. Rotate and scale the paper texture like this. Press Enter on your keyboard to apply the transformation.

Step 19

Go to Layer > Rasterize > Layer then press Ctrl/Cmd+U (or Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation) and reduce the saturation to –100. Click OK.

Step 20

Change the blending mode of this layer to Overlay.

Final Results

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