Create a Winter Scene with Fire Particle Lights in Photoshop

April 7, 2024

Step 10

Check to see if you have your Shadows layer still selected. Next, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. This Photoshop tool is a basic blur tool that will give our shadows softer edge to match the soft particle lights we’ll be creating after. Set the Radius to 5 pixels then click OK.

Step 11

Finally, set the layer opacity to 50%

Step 12

Now we’re going to work on the Particle Lights. Create a new layer and place it as the top layer. Name this layer “Particle Light”.

Step 13

Select the Pen tool then make sure your settings at the top are the same as this:

Draw a line with the Pen tool like this.

Step 14

Select the Brush tool then click on the drop down menu in the Options bar and select the 2nd brush which should be a hard round brush. If you don’t see this brush, click on the flyout menu on the top right (Looks like a play icon) and choose Reset Brushes.

Now set the brush size to 20 px.

Step 15

Go to Window > Brushes. Check the Shape Dynamics option then set the Size Jitter to 100% and Control to Off.

Check the Scattering option. Check the “Both Axes” option and set the Scatter to 1000%.

Step 16

First, set your foreground color to white. Just press D then X on your keyboard to do this quickly. Now go to Window > Paths. You’ll see the Work Path that you created earlier. Right-click on the path then choose Stroke Path.

Select Brush and enable “Simulate Pressure” then click OK.

We created the particle lights! Now to apply some styling to it to make it glow.

Step 17

Deselect the Work Path by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the Work Path.

Step 18

Go to Edit > Free Transform. Hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key then drag the corners of the bounding box so that you get a transformation like shown in the image below.

Step 19

Right-click on the Particle Light layer then click Blending Options. Check the Outer Glow options then use the settings shown here. The color used is #ff3c00.

Check the Inner Glow option then use these settings. The color is #ffff00.

Click OK and here’s the particle lights! The orange and yellow color combination makes it look like fire.

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